Kain/Cal Updated Info Sheet
Read this if you dare.

Cal Little
Age of Death: 21
Spirit Age: 21
Death: Leukemia
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Human
Spirit: Life

Kain (No last name)
Years Existed: 12
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Manifestation, Second Personality (Alter Ego)

Cal’s Background:
She is the daughter of middle class family. She was an only child but didn’t get much attention from either parent due to them having hectic work schedules (Also they weren't the most caring parents in the first place). She rarely saw her parents when she was very young and was taken care of by baby sitters. When she got old enough to function on her own, her parents didn’t see a need to hire a babysitter anymore. She then began to take care of herself alone at home. She made herself meals, did chores to try helping her parents, and played by herself. Her actual only real friend were her family cat, Mittens. She would play with she as if she was a real person and cared for her in a similar fashion.

Sadly one day when Cal was 8, she had taken Mittens outside to play. She lost track of her, and only heard the car stopping from behind her head. She soon found that Mittens had been run over by a neighbor when she jumped out in front of the car. She was covered in blood, and so was Cal when she rushed the cat to the vet. However, by the time she had arrived, there was nothing they could do for her friend and they had to put it to sleep.

Cal was horrified after the situation. Her parents didn’t comfort her much either after the situation, just gave her the generic parent words on death. She didn’t get over the situation either. Then weeks later, Cal began picking fights with children at her school and being sent home early. Her parents were furious with her, but she couldn’t say anything other then that she didn’t remember doing anything that they said.

When her parents were around her, they started noticing odd changes in her behavior. Concerned, they decided that they should take her to a doctor. The doctor was worried about psychological damage from the cat incident and sent her to a psychologist. From there, the psychologist concluded that their daughter had Multiple Personality disorder, had at least 3 different personalities from her own.

They immediately started her on drug therapies, figuring it was the fastest method of curing it. The drugs started doing their trick, Cal seemingly was normal again. However, soon after the other personalities disappeared, one more emerged. This one was extremely aggressive, greedy, selfish, and went off impulses. No matter what drugs they put her on, this one would stay. Cal’s parents were at a loss, they decided that Cal would sadly just have to work with this personality.

Cal went through the rest of her schooling with little to no friends. She did gain some friends, but many of them were fearful of the one other personality she had. She felt guilty about that herself and began avoiding contact with other people. Her alone time began giving her time to study and become interested in the field of psychology. She began observing people in hopes of understanding the human mind better. In high school, all she did was read advanced leveled books regarding the human psychology. She became very intelligent and graduated very high in her class.

Her understanding of the human mind began helping her with the additional personality. By this age, she had already decided to name it, dubbing it Kain. Kain of course continued his rampages, taking over her body whenever he pleased during her high school years. However, Cal began studying a process of mentally blocking out her other personality. She learned a mental shield that would prevent Kain from controlling her body. She began using it constantly, preventing Kain from any activity at all.

Cal entered a very high ranking university in hopes of majoring in Psychology. She hoped to become a psychologist one day, of course inspired from her less then perfect childhood. She studied hard and graduated with high honors yet again. As she was signing up for internship to become a psychologist, she got grave news after a few doctor check ups. She was soon diagnosed with Chronic Leukemia at the age of 20. She did her best to live but her body gave way. She died at the age of 21, soon after her birthday.

She then woke up outside and confused. She knew she had died, and yet there she was, healthy again and in her favorite outfit. She wondered around confused up until she met Rosie, the Summer Spirit. Rosie explained to Cal her new life as the Life Spirit of her town. Confused and yet happy, she gladly accepted her job and became a Life Spirit, gaining all of her new abilities.

Kain’s Background:
Kain can be considered a manifestation of Cal’s mind or a second personality of hers, an Alter Ego. Kain appeared a year after the first signs of MPD showed up for Cal, he was the last personality she developed but was the strongest. Whenever he took over, he’d become easily annoyed at the ignorance of Cal’s classmates and either threaten to beat them up or did so. He’d use obscene language and gestures against anyone and anything. He had little care about the body he was using and often got her hurt in his fights, refusing to stop.

When Cal began using the mental block on Kain, it didn't knock him out. It just prevented his control over her body. Which meant he had a lot of time to think to himself. He was always conscious during Cal’s life, so he decided to read the psychology books with her. He soon learned a lot about psychology and understood it almost as much as Cal. He began to understand the human brain a lot more and figured out better interactions with people. He was still pretty upset that Cal put up a mental block on him, but he actually started to understand why.

He stayed silent to Cal all the way up till she became a spirit. Actually the day she became a spirit was the day Kain first used her mouth to talk to her, since her mental block was down. He expected her to immediately put it up again, but she kept it down, him then becoming a companion in her new job. He still takes over her body every so often but now he asks permission of her before doing so.

Cal's personality:
Even though she had limited social interaction as a child through adulthood, she's very social with those she runs into. She'll go on about random topics, asking the other person about their lives and takes interest in them. She's almost always cheerful and helpful, asking others if they need help. The fact she was offered the spirit job makes her extremely happy, she loves the fact she's helping people. She doesn't even mind the fact she never gets thanked for the things she does.

She is only rude to one person ever. Kain. But that's for obvious reasons. She'll occasionally make him shut up when he's saying something by quickly putting up the mental block. She dislikes swearing herself, but she'll admittedly do it if she's upset. Whenever she does get upset, she apologizes excessively, feeling guilty for it.

Other than her cheerful emotions and things like that, she's extremely repressive. Part of the reason she's so apologetic when she's upset, she feels like she has no reason to be upset or crying. Throughout her life, she's repressed numerous things (most of those things make up Kain's personality). Noticeably one of those things is her sexuality. Awkwardness as a child caused her to repress any sexual feelings she felt growing up, causing her to lack any sexual interest in others. However, based on Kain's heterosexuality despite being spawned from a female body, if she hadn't repressed such feelings, she probably would have been either gay or bisexual.

Regardless of her occasional rude behavior to Kain, she loves him dearly. She feels extremely guilty for leaving him blocked for so many years. She views him as her best friend, forgiving him for most of his previous actions. Technically, she views him as someone closer than a brother for her...since he technically is. She dislikes anyone who tries to just say he's her crazy side or just some fake manifestation of her, often times going out of her way to defend him and prove whoever said that otherwise. She's never sure to view Kain as an older or younger brother. His childish behavior often makes her think younger though.

Kain's personality:
When Kain was first born, if you can call it that, he was extremely hostile, rude and spiteful. He hated other people, hated his situation, and hated the fact he was actually alive. Part of the reason he was able to resist so many drugs and was able to take control freely was because he was Cal's only self aware personality. He was aware of his situation, aware of who Cal was and was conscious even when not in control. And he hated it all.

He stayed like that, getting worse actually as time went on, Cal learned to block him. This at first enraged him, clearly he wasn't happy to be blocked from control. It only made it worse for him. But as he learned more about psychology, about how she no doubt felt about his actions, and how other people persevered him, he began to change in personality a bit. He learned to calm down, but was still blocked for the most part. The minute Cal was conscious at the same time he was and the block down, he spoke up. Cal gave him a chance, one both were happy she gave.

As Cal is repressive, Kain is everything that Cal is not. His personality originally depended heavily on her repressive nature. His rude behavior in the beginning was a result of her repressions of such things to the max level. As time went on, her growing into her teen years, she began to repress other things. She repressed any tomboyish tenancies she would have had, feeling they were wrong in social peers eyes, causing Kain to take on a male personality. She heavily repressed her sexuality, as stated in her personality. He began to take on a very flirty nature, being heavily attracted to the female body. Though noticeably not her body.

He absolutely hates the thought of dating a male, part of the reason for Cal's original repressions. She had originally gone on dates in her early high school year, particularly young boys who weren't aware of her other more aggressive half. He'd end up ruining the dates for her, making her feel awkward about any sort of dating and repressed the thoughts.

Even though he's improved since he was first born, he's still extremely rude. He goes off impulses for the most part, being extremely impulsive in his actions. He's highly intelligent, not nearly as much as Cal, but still pretty smart himself. Regardless of book smarts like her, he tends to be a bit slow on catching on to things. Often not knowing how to react, covering this up by making jokes or something of the sort. He likes making jokes, he's very comical. He also tends to be more imaginative than Cal in a lot of areas. He's also very impatient.

Even though he read books with Cal when blocked, he HATES reading. Especially something like fantasy and fictional books. He finds it hard to get through them, sees no point in reading them unless they gave him some sort of knowledge. Regardless of Cal's explanations how you have to finish a book to understand what you've learned, he finds mindless video games to be way more entertaining.

He dislikes social interactions. Part of the reason he'd beat up/insult people in Cal's past was that he hated interacting with most people. Though he understands now that some interactions cannot be avoided, for those he'll let Cal interact for him. Though often getting impatient with her talkative nature and making some rude comment to try and make the interaction end quicker, which Cal gets annoyed at.

He dislikes showing facial reactions. Which explains why he'll wear the bandanna over his face. Another reason for this, which only really Cal knows, is because he tends to blush really easily, even in a male body. Thus uses the bandanna to hid such an embarrassing thing for him.

Very flirty, as said above. Tends to take over the body just to try and flirt with some woman. Unfortunately he's not exactly the best at the topic, considering that he never went through a normal childhood to gain the experience a normal person would gain for dating situations. Not to mention being a man stuck in a girl's body isn't exactly what a normal woman is looking for in the first place. Regardless, he tries to get at least one date with a woman, using bad pick up lines and overall being more touchy than someone should be.

In a similar way that Cal views him as her brother, he views her as a sister. She's the main person he will try and treat as kindly as possible, minus teasing. He doesn't say it, but he's thankful that she's there for him, and not blocking him out. He views her as closer than a sister, as she does vise versa. Though he tries to look to her as a younger sister, often trying to comfort her when she's upset. Also tries to get her out of bad situations if he feels she doesn't realize she's getting into them or doesn't know what to do.

Noticeably one issue he still has from his situation with her body is that he has identity issues, regardless if he admits them or not. No doubt a result of so many years of looking in the mirror and seeing Cal's reflection. Also people constantly saying he wasn't real no doubt didn't help him. Cal caught on to this part of Kain, without him having to say anything, and is the main reason she tries so hard to defend him when people question whether or not she's just crazy or not. She knows she's not just crazy, and that Kain's developed from just an additional personality of her due to her condition to his own. Kain's extremely appreciative about her trying to hard to defend her, taking her words into account when he thinks about the subject. Though, Kain still has a hard time with the topic regardless.

When Cal agreed to become a spirit, she was given a brand new body (the old one is buried in the ground in the local cemetery). This body has a physical form, can bleed, needs to eat and sleep, just like a normal body. However, there's a few differences with this body compared to a normal human body.

For one the Endocrine system is extremely different. There's the basic glands located throughout the body, but there are additional glands located in several different locations, namely near lymph nodes. These are standard to all shapeshifter bodies, these are the glands that produce the hormone needed to shapeshift. They use the lymphatic system as well as the circulatory system to transport the hormone to surrounding cells. Thus allowing the cells of the body to shapeshift given the hormonal activation key.

This means a few things regarding the body. For one thing, their metabolism is about 2x faster than a normal human. The body needs a lot of energy to have the hormones produced. They'll need to eat way more than an average person daily, otherwise find themselves excessively weak and tired.

Though their metabolism is high compared to a normal person, their body needs less than an average person's amount of sleep daily. They only need about 6 or so hours daily in order to function properly. Its a special feature about the new body which is suppose to make the life of a spiritual being easier.

One of the more notable things about the body is its reproductive system. In males, their bodies produce no semen. And for female, their body contains no eggs. Regardless of their lack of such reproductive cells, they do not go through things such as menopause, rather continue to function normally. They lack it to prevent spirits passing on things like their abilities and powers, that and the fact spirits are dead.

The rate their body heals is slightly faster than an average humans. Their body's cells naturally act faster when it comes to healing, allowing scars to build faster and new skin placing it soon after. It's only a slight difference, sort of like a 1.3x faster rate. But after taking a blow like that, they'll need to eat more in order to make up for the lost energy in the healing process.

The body naturally will not age. The new spirit body is set to disappear, the soul passing on with it at the age of 80, based on the human birth date. This is true for all spirits, including animal spirits. During their life span, their physical forms will not age what so ever. This is true for their basic forms, they can however physically make themselves appear whatever age they wish to be. However when reverted back, they will always be the age of which they died.

The most notable ability of a spirit is their ability to shapeshift. They are given this ability to make their spirit duties easier for them. Namely fitting their body into small areas to get to what they need to do, etc. Its an essential ability.

As described above, their bodies have additional glands located throughout that produce a shapeshifting hormone. These glands are activated by the brain to release this hormone when the person gives a mental signal. This mental signal is formed from a special emotion from the brain and the shape they want to take on. When the brain makes this signal, it goes to the glands from nerves, causing the glands to quickly produce the hormones based on the signal. The hormones then go to their targeted cells, whether is a small change such as the person getting a few inches taller or a full body change such as turning into a cat. The cells then read the hormone, making them change their shape based on what the person wants to change. This may make the cells increase in size, shrink in size, multiple, die, etc. Just depends on the signal they are given.

This form of shapeshifting is known as Weak Shapeshifting. The glands need to be constantly emitting this hormone in order for the cells to stay in this form they take on. In order for the body to be constantly making this hormone, they brain needs to stay focused. If the body loses focus from an outside source, the spirit body almost instantly reverts back to its basic form. This outside force can be several things. Things like strong blows to the body, electricity, burns, stabs, etc. Sometimes simply scaring the shapeshifter or them smelling a foul smell can cause them to revert back to the basic form. There is another form of shapeshifting in their world, known as Fixed Shapeshifting, where such outside sources do not cause a revision, but all spirits are Weak Shapeshifters.

The spirit can train themselves to hold the form longer. Especially since their life span is long, they just need to practice taking hits or whatever it may be and doing their best to stay focused. They are more likely to revert back if they are not trying to keep focus.

Cal uses shapeshifting for her job often. When she doesn't want to risk people seeing her or sensing the presence of a full grown human, she'll take on the form of a small house cat. She may also take on larger forms in things like fights, but she tends to avoid fights. Kain will take on forms of wolves and other canines for fights if he so chooses to do so. The body's ability to shapeshift is actually what allows Kain to take on a real form as a person. More on this later.

Spiritual floating:
Along with the ability to shapeshift, spirits possess other abilities which make their jobs easier. One is floating. Why spirits are able to float for their jobs isn't exactly known. Some spirits assume its so they can make it to higher locations without having to turn into another animal or alter their bodies. Some say its so they don't make noises by walking to where they have to be. Both seem plausible, but it hasn't been fully explained.

How a spirit floats has to deal with the aura their bodies give off. Every being in their universe gives off a particular aura, depending on the creatures' species. Aura is typically impossible to see by a normal person, it just depends on how strong their 6th sense is. Even then, spirit aura isn't typically clear to those who can see the auras of other people. Regardless of this fact, it is stronger than other beings.

Spirit floating hasn't been fully explained, though they assume it has to do something with the spirit's stronger aura, but spirit floating allows the body to levitate off the ground from anywhere from an inch to one or two yards. Its controlled mentally just as the shapeshifting is done, giving their body mental signals to float off the ground.

Cal tends to use the spirit floating a bit more than Kain. She likes to lazily float around in her free time. Kain though, prefers walking. It just feels more natural to him.

Control on Visibility:
The aura mentioned above also is what makes a spirit naturally invisible to the human eye. It clouds the human's sight, making them completely invisible. They are, however, not intangible. Someone would run into them by accident and feel their bodies. That is where the shapeshifting comes in handy on the job, make themselves smaller and less noticeable.

Their natural invisibility can be counteracted in a way. Every spirit has control on their own visibility. Though they're not exactly suppose to use it. They're suppose to be almost always invisible, unless they have a human job which they need to be visible for some reason. Past that, they are not suppose to appear visible to anyone....though Cal's too friendly to just pretend to not see people in need in her daily life and not help them.

Cal is somewhat forgettable when it comes to visibility. It is like the above abilities, controlled by mental thought. She often forgets, however, if she is currently visible or invisible. It depends on Kain's mood if he wants to be visible or not. Typically visible if he's talking to Cal though. Better than people hearing voices in air talking to themselves.

Kain's Control:
Kain is a self aware second personality, or more so his own personality stuck in Cal's body. They share the brain clearly, however cannot read each others' thoughts or see each others' dreams. However Kain has the ability to take control of her nervous system when he wishes to, unless Cal has a mental block up (more on this later). He can take control of her limbs and move them to his own accord, take control of her mouth and vocal cords allowing him to talk, as well as control her eyes and facial reactions, sometimes unconsciously.

His ability to control her voice is how he originally began communication with her. He spoke up before she could put the mental block back on him. She was originally confused by the fact she wasn't controlling how she was talking, but explanation from Kain helped. Either way, when he controls Cal's voice to communicate with her, he talks in a deeper tone than her usual one. But still talks in her voice. He could say deepen her voice with shapeshifting, but such a thing requires them to constantly be changing their voices which becomes bothersome.

He'll unconsciously do things as well. Such as random facial reactions when Cal's in control of the body, often reflecting his current mood. Anything from eye twitching to things like blushing when embarrassed. May make an awkward situation for Cal if she's talking in a sort of serious tone and Kain's drifting off in thought and smiling from it.

When Kain is in full control of the body, he has the choice to let Cal be able to move his limbs and/or talk. As in, if he didn't want her to communicate for some reason, he could stop her access. Sometimes its a matter of will powers over the body though. If Cal tried hard enough, she could probably make Kain kick his leg without giving her control to do so. He can block her access to communication, movement, eye movement, or even shapeshifting if he tried hard enough to keep the mind focused on a single form. Overall, in will power, he's the dominant controller of the body.

Also, he has control over both of their consciousness. Cal has been unable to figure out how Kain does it, and he can't really explain it himself, but he has the ability to send her and his own minds into an unconscious state if he so wanted it to. Probably part of being the second personality, Cal guessed. Him picking and choosing when he wanted to control the body and knock her out in the beginning. Either way, if he didn't want to be awake for a current situation, he also has control over his own conscious state. He often knocks himself out if he finds the situation boring. He'll knock Cal out if he wants free control of the body without her lecturing him the entire time.

Cal's Block:
Even though Kain has dominance on her over control on the body, she has the block system. Cal developed this in her high school years, having already been studying advanced psychology in her teen years. Basically she learned to mentally block Kain's control from her nervous system. When she developed it, she thought she was making her second personality disappear all together whenever it was up, it only coming back when the block was down. This was not the case.

In actuality, Kain was constantly awake and alert unless his consciousness was sleeping or purposely knocked out by himself. All Cal did was as said above, prevented him from having access to her nervous system. As in, prevented him from controlling her body, actions, and control over her consciousness. He could still control his own consciousness, saw what she saw, felt what she felt, etc. Basically was trapped in a paralyzed state inside of her body.

Something else that Cal didn't know was that when she went to sleep, her block was down. Kain has free control the minute she was asleep...though he chose not to do anything when it was down. Mostly because this was around the point in his life where he began realizing something was wrong with his actions in a way, slowly becoming more of his own personality rather a second one to Cal. He did experiment when she wasn't awake though. He tested his abilities with limited control over her body, seeing exactly what he could do and what he couldn't. Thankfully for Kain, Cal was a very well known heavy sleeper.

Cal can put the block up normally on Kain whenever she has control of the body and is conscious. The only times she cannot is when Kain knocks her out, which gives him free control of the body until he either stops forcing her mind to be unconscious or wakes her up, or she wakes up naturally.

Cal to Kain shapeshifting:
Soon after acquiring their shapeshifting powers, Kain become even more obviously his own person. When he could take control of Cal's body, he began taking on a form completely different to hers. Cal wasn't sure if this is how Kain always perceived his look to be, self image wise, or if this was just a form he made up on the spot. Either way, the first time he shapeshifted to a male form, it always looked like the one he uses even now.

The form overall is efficient to his needs. He likes being short in the manner it allows him to be far more stealthy in things like fights, along with being flexible. The bandanna allows him to hide his facial reactions, which makes it easier for him to keep a calm face in the face of danger. Cal understands those parts of the form...though has to wonder why he decided to make his skin tanner than hers or darken his hair. Maybe out of self image, or maybe because he's rather flirty and thinks those features are more attractive. She knows even if she asks him, he won't answer anyway.

This form is not a basic form. If he were to want to change it, he could. Make himself taller, make himself stronger, etc. The same could be done to Cal's own appearance if she so wanted to. However when either one of them were to be surprised, hurt badly, shocked, etc. the body instantly reverts back to Cal's basic form. So if Kain is hurt, he reverts back to Cal's body. This however does not mean that Cal wakes up, is back in control, is talking, etc. If Kain was the one in control of the body when he was forced to revert, he will still be in control. Cal may wake up though if it was a bad hit, doesn't mean she is back in control though.

Cal's clothing is special to her body. Every spirit is given a set amount of clothing which is connected to their body when it comes to shapeshifting. They can alter the shape of their clothing just as they can their other body parts. It's controlled by mental thought, just like their general shapeshifting is. But there's a few rules that go along with it.

They number of articles of clothing they can have on in any form is limited to the number of articles of clothing Cal has on in her basic form. She has a total of 7 clothing articles (glasses, bandanna, jacket, shirt, bra, pants, underwear). This means that any form they both take on is limited to that. Kain in his usual male form wears a bandanna, glasses, hoodie, undershirt, pants, and boxers. This is one less than what Cal normally wears and is not going over the limit.

But what happens to the extra article of clothing? The clothing on them can disappear, shapeshift, shrink, etc. when they need it to. Why? Because they need to shapeshift and can't leave that sort of stuff behind. It simply disappears and can reappear on their bodies when they need it too, typically in the same spot as it was before.

The clothing also isn't limited to just clothing shapes. It could take on the form of a lot of things, but has limitations. It can not take on the shape of a car, which is extremely complex and would take several articles of clothing to shape. And then it'd need gas, so basically useless in the first place. It can take on a bicycle though, which is simple compared to a car, and that would only take about one article of clothing if the design is simple. The clothing could take on the shape of like a couch, but it wouldn't have cushions unless more clothing is used. It just depends on complexity and how many parts to what they want it needs.

The clothing design is by far way more based on creativity than their general shapeshifting it. (though that DOES need a lot of creativity to do in the first place). It's more focused on what the person has in mind rather just altering already existing things. Kain is far better at shapeshifting clothing and basic designs than Cal, being more creative than her.

Interactions with others and themselves:
Kain and Cal have become best friends really since the start of their spirit life. They talk often, and both of Cal and Kain have gotten used to their method of communication. However, the fact that Cal is talking to herself will be perceived as very odd and slightly crazy. Especially since Kain is just talking in a slightly deeper tone than Cal's usual voice, makes the signs of craziness even more obvious. But both, particularly Cal, don't see anything wrong with talking to herself.

Cal does most of the talking when its someone new, Kain will barely say anything once he realizes he doesn't know the person as he is a bit shyer than Cal. If he feels a need to interject, he'll say something or pull Cal away to talk to her in private. He may even get into a small fight with Cal if she starts arguing with him. This will often leave the new person with a very interesting impression of Cal.

If its someone they're both used to, say a spirit friend, they'll both openly talk to them. Depending on the person and how used to them they are, either Kain or Cal may do more talking. Kain's more likely to tease the person if it's a guy friend, such as their spirit friend Ginseng. But if it's a female friend and Kain's used to them, he may try and flatter them with his usual bad pick up lines and compliments. Cal with either gender and friendship level will always be friendly, kind, and helpful. It's just apart of her nature after all.

Cal's Job:
Cal is the life spirit of her city. Technically she is the life spirit of mammals big and small in her city. There are other spirits available for other animals. She cannot give life to previously dead things, cannot give life to someone who is about to die, etc. She has no life giving abilities of any form. Her job is to be present when a creature is about to give birth.

Her job goes as this:
She arrives at the location where the animal is scheduled to be located at, alley way, hospital, etc.
She must touch the animal giving birth, whether it be on the stomach, head, etc. She has to touch it.
She must stay during the duration of the birthing process. When it is done, she can leave.

If Cal does not do her job, whether or not it is being present or not touching the animal, all infants will be still birth. She cannot fix it afterward. This places a lot more urgency onto her job. She has only missed one birth time so far, which she's still fairly upset over. If a spirit misses too many and obviously aren't making an effort to complete their job, then they may be rescheduled cities to somewhere of smaller location or may even be “fired”. Aka ending their spirit term early. Cal wants to avoid that as much as possible, as she personally loves her spirit job. She feels like she's actually helping people, which she technically is, and loves doing it for that reason. Kain's opinion of it is a bit bland. He doesn't care for it, sometimes likes napping during their rounds. Just depends on his mood if he chooses to stay awake or not.

Their sleep patterns are a bit messed up due to their work schedule as well as their overall time being conscious. As mentioned above the body only requires about 6 hours of sleep daily. Though because of how Kain will knock Cal out or himself throughout the day, their minds get the amount of sleep that it needs. Or at least their minds feel like it got enough sleep. It didn't actually go into REM sleep, so Kain and Cal never actually dream when put unconscious, only when both are asleep. Also their body needs to relax and sleep as well. This means that they sleep about 10 hours every 2-3 days, more if they can find the time. Cal likes to try and sleep more, but Kain often takes control of the body after she does fall asleep and take his turn with the body anyway. Which she gets mad about.

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